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Thank you to Shoalhaven Marine Rescue

Search and Rescue Excercise at Angler's Rest, Greenwell PointMarine Rescue’s SAREX (Search and Rescue Exercise) saw Police & Rescue boats, crewed by volunteers from the region ready for action first thing Sunday morning.  Training exercises were held over the weekend & volunteers accommodated at Angler’s Rest.  Under perfect conditions the volunteer rescue teams found the dummy dropped by a navy helicopter without a hitch on Sunday.  Good on ya, thanks for all your volunteer efforts & choosing Greenwell Point & Angler’s Rest for your accommodation again this year.

Speed boats line the beach in the Squidgie Southern Bream Series Fishing Comp.

speed boats line line up for fishing competition


Last Sunday Greenwell Point played host to about 70 speed boats and kayaks in the Squidgie Southern Bream Series.  With 70+ teams in the SSBS, the beach opposite Angler’s Rest was abuzz with shiny speed boats, kayaks & eager fishermen.  With speeds of 100+kph I was caught thinking how much fun speedy fishing (or not fishing) could be, but not for long – 50 or so marine rescue personnel were waiting for their coffee…

Classic Cars Visit Greenwell Point

Classic Cars at Angler's Rest, Greenwell Point


Greenwell Point probably sees processions of beautiful cars more often than most.  Please, keep the shiny cars coming!! We love the welcome distraction and the opportunity to admire the much loved vintage & classic cars!

Fresh fish for lunch at Greenwell Point

Seaplane at Greenwell Point


One sunny day last August a couple of lucky dudes flew their seaplanes down from Sydney to Greenwell Point for some fresh fish.  They promised to come back in September and take Simon for a joy ride.  His fingers and toes remain crossed. I am still a darker shade of green, and going home for more fresh Greenwell Point fish.